Tall Texan needed to fill these boots

Giant Justins

Giant Justins

Deep in the heart of Texas sits one of state’s great cultural icons.

The 40-foot “Giant Justins” that grace the entrance of North Star Mall in San Antonio embody so many Texas-sized cliche’s that it’s easy to see why we boast that everything really is bigger in Texas!

Simply called “the boots” by San Antonians, this landmark structure has become as much of a tourist destination as the Alamo.

The boots are a beloved fixture among the city’s landscape and I would venture to guess that they hold a special affinity in the hearts of San Antonians who have lived in the city since their arrival in 1980.

The boots were constructed by renowned Texas artist, Bob Wade, whose over-the-top installations include “The Giant Prickly Pear” that sits atop Leal’s Mexian Restaurant in Muleshoe, TX (don’t you just love that name?), “The Dancing Frogs” at a truck stop in Carl’s Corner, TX and “Iggy, the Iguana” at the Fort Worth Zoo.

Christmastime is made a little brighter every year as the boots are decorated in a dazzling display of lights.  Oh yes… the stars do shine bright in Texas each Christmas as 3,000 white lights transform these giant beauties into the city’s biggest Christmas ornament.

Star-studded boots

Star-studded boots

While it would take a tall Texan to fill these shoes, it doesn’t take a real-life cowboy to appreciate the grandeur and sheer whimsy of this larger-than-life tribute to a true Texas icon.

For a complete list of other structures by Bob Wade, visit: http://www.bobwade.com/exhib.htm

Photo credits:

Giant Justins: UTSA Health Science Center
Star-studded boots: panoramio photos


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